Becoming a Super Learner

Recently I’ve been taking a course on called “Becoming a Super Learner”. Initially, I was reluctant to even look at the course. I kept ignoring the course for a long time, despite how many times it kept popping up in my face on that site. I finally ended up taking it based on the number of students enrolled and their feedback and their promise of me being able to process and retain large amounts of information.

Although I’m just over 30% finished with the course and have only gone over the basics/fundamentals, I’ve already noticed my reading comprehension and reading speed increase. Also, by following their exercises whenever possible, I’m able to remember large chunks of information and memories about the past are noticeably becoming more vivid lately.

I’m more active as a reader creating as visual mental markers as possible. Reading is a lot more engaging and fun, and I can’t wait to read more to build up my mental image vocabulary and inch closer to speed reading (at least 800 WPM) with full comprehension.

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